Сентябрь 9, 2016

Investment Principles

We believe that even with a great idea, startup’s success depends on the founders and the team they bring on board. So our core principle is to find and invest in people who consistently demonstrate that they can execute and make things work.  We all have brilliant ideas, but only a tiny fraction of people have resilience and courage to actually go and kick-start something new that they believe in.  That’s why we are always looking for strong entrepreneurs and great achievers. However, there are other principles we live by when selecting a company to invest in:

  • Problem identification: team’s clear understanding of the problems that their product tries to solve.
  • Exponential growth potential: we are interested only in companies and products that have potential to grow really fast.. afterall who wants to wait for decades to succeed?
  • Fun to work with: we think that it is not just about money, what we invest in has to be fun for you and us.
  • Responsiveness to change: whatever you do you have to be ALWAYS ready to change, because the world changes too quickly to keep on doing something the same old way.